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M4L Juicy Loops 2

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Here is Juicy Loops version 2, a polymetric Max For Live MIDI sequencer inspired by the iconic step sequencer in FL Studio.

Demo vid:

This upgrade brings a new UI, six tracks with up to 32 steps with individual settings for polyrhythms and interesting patterns. Plus, now you can tweak velocity for each step and easily randomize it all with the lock button.

You can also fine-tune velocity deviations with the percentage dial and explore different sequence directions.

You can also map velocities as sequenced modulators to external parameters, and there's the cool option to set modulation to Sample and Hold mode.

Now you can export patterns as MIDI clips directly to Ableton channels, ensuring you never lose your pattern you've been working on.

Version 1:

Hope you enjoy it. Would love to see what can you do with it.




Juicy Loops works with Ableton Live 11.1 and up. To use this Max for Live device, you'll need Ableton Live Suite or have the Max for Live add-on for Standard. 

"Please note that this device is not an exact replica of the FL Studio sequencer. It's an emulation created by me, as independent developer and music producer who drew inspiration from the original sequencer UI, but added new features too. This device is not meant to denigrate or promote any specific DAW. Nor does it suggest that users should switch from one software to another. As Ableton user, I developed it because I personally love the FL Studio sequencer and wanted something similar for my own production workflow"

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Last updated May 4, 2024

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M4L Juicy Loops 2

13 ratings
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